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Michael is from Washington State where he grew up cheering on the Seattle Seahawks, Sonics, Mariners and Wazzu Cougars. You could say Michael had real estate in his blood at a young age whether he knew it or not, moving and living in five different houses from birth to fourth grade, moving as a child from Florida-Georgia-Chicago-Northern California- and finally Seattle (Mercer Island) where his family decided to stay. “What a fun place to live as a kid… enjoying skiing, wakeboarding on Lake Washington, basketball, baseball, football… I really enjoyed all sports- tennis and soccer too- and the Sonics, Seahawks, and Mariners were all exciting teams to cheer for growing up. Watching the M’s in the Kingdome, the Sonics in Key Arena, and the Hawks in their old stadium before it became the loudest “12th Man” home field to play on in the NFL… those are great memories.” Michael’s parents were both successful sales professionals and knew how to have a good time too… he says he and his sister were always pushed on stage at the talent shows or vacation stages which probably shaped their outgoing fearless personalities. Michael has been in sales since college with most of his experience in the medical field working with physicians. He has always enjoyed the experience of working with people and sharing the passion for what he believes in. He enjoys partnering with his wife in real estate and together they have a ton of fun working for their clients and their home buying or selling endeavors. He met his beautiful wife in Hermosa Beach at Patrick Molloys after the usual beach volleyball and surfing endless summer day and now the two of them live in Redondo Beach with two amazing kids and a dog. “Our beach cities area is just so amazing. There are so many fun things to do and see and experience. The real estate market seems to be getting better all the time being driven by the excellent schools, parents who work hard and play hard, new restaurants and things to do popping up on every corner, and just the overall vibe of the Southbay is like nowhere else in the world. We travel and take vacations and find ourselves missing our home. That’s why Jocelyn and I came up with the motto, “Love Where You Live” because no matter which home you choose or can afford, loving where you live is the most important thing.” He says his wife Jocelyn wears the pants, lol. She has a background as a patient and dedicated kindergarten teacher which he says compliments his personality nicely and they have figured out a way to work together which is something that isn’t easy. “My wife and I are best friends and teammates and whether its marriage, raising kids, or real estate consulting- even though somedays can be tough we always figure out a way to have fun and get the job done.” They say when they went through the experience themselves was when they really learned the emotional highs/lows/ and confusion that makes up buying and/or selling a home, so their goal is always to communicate clearly and efficiently with their clients each step of the way. Communication is key. Looking at their testimonials and reviews you can tell they are quickly growing their referral business. As a team they seem to have great recipe for longevity in this business. They have great attitudes, strong work ethics, top notch negotiation skills, a good balance of aggressive yet fun, they are strategic, and they seem to enjoy what they do… and this all seems to be adding up to more and more happy home buyers and sellers. They have been featured in local magazines as top agents in the Southbay and they are magnetic personalities- mentoring other up and coming real estate agents that saw their fun and success and want to experience the same. Lastly, they wanted to also mention they have excellent trusted real estate related referrals if you need any as buying, selling, financing, remodeling, and building are all big tasks that require people who you can rely on consistently. And of course they are always happy to share their favorites whether its a favorite park, beach, restaurant, treat shop, you name it- they are passionate about the good experiences they have had and sharing them.